At St George’s we firmly believe that learning a foreign language not only broadens horizons and fosters a better understanding between people of different cultures, but it also enhances our pupils’ academic potential through the development of critical thought, creative imagination and problem-solving skills.

Our pupils have the opportunity to learn modern languages in a lively, stimulating way which promotes enthusiasm and the ability to communicate effectively.  French is taught from the Nursery upwards with lessons increasing in number for the older year groups.  Spanish is introduced in Year 6 and is offered as a conversational subject for those pupils who wish to continue in Years 7 and 8.  In Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils have the option of learning German as a co-curricular activity after school.

Classwork consists of oral work, including pair or group work, role play, songs, games, listening exercises, reading, comprehension, grammar exercises and written pieces of work.  These formal teaching methods are complemented by the use of technology in various forms to give our pupils a fun and effective way to increase their vocabulary and understanding.

Our pupils’ appreciation of French and Spanish culture and customs is enhanced by the use of a variety of media including magazines, DVDs, TV programmes and events such as food tasting and language plays performed in the school by visiting theatre companies.  In Year 6 our pupils have the opportunity to join a French study trip to Méluzien near Dijon, which is always thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils.

Latin begins at St George’s in Year 5 and continues through to Year 8 with an increasing curriculum entitlement.  It is a broad subject encapsulating the study of an entire culture – crossing the boundaries of History, Geography, Language, Religion and even Art and Maths, stimulating in young children an inquiring mind.  Alongside mastering the vocabulary and grammar of the language required for Common Entrance, classical topics such as Greek mythology and the entertainments of the City of Rome are also studied.

The Year 6 French Study Trip, by Tilly

The majority of Year 6 were at school at 06:00 on the morning of Monday 27th March, waiting to board the coach to get on our way to France. Everyone was bubbling with excitement. By the time we had arrived at Maison Claire Fontaine (10 hours later), energy and excitement levels were still buzzing. As we had dinner the room we ate in was particularly explosive with noise that night.

Everyone decided where they wanted to sleep for our stay at Maison Claire Fontaine. The girls' dorm had not double, but triple bunks! It took us a while to settle but we eventually calmed down and fell asleep.       We had lots of activities throughout the week, but my favourite was self-defence. I enjoyed self-defence because it was so much fun and hilarious! Other activities were the French game of boules, French cuisine, French lessons and the tree adventure. As another activity we went shopping at the supermarket Auchan to buy souvenirs. 

At 05:00 on Friday 31st March the majority of Year 6 were on the coach outside Maison Claire Fontaine, shouting out their good-byes and thank yous. Soon we were out on the French motorway driving to the Eurotunnel.  Two hours later we had arrived at school, safe and sound, to smiling parents and little brothers or sisters. Overall the 2017 French trip was awesome, therefore thank you to all the staff at Maison Claire Fontaine, Mme Flieger, Mr Wilkinson, Mr Miller and Miss Hewson.

Le Château - Review by Noah N-C

On Monday 15th January, Years 5 and 6 watched a French show called "Le Château". There was a French actress who played a French peasant, and an English actor who played the mightly British noble, William Babbington. It was set in the Tudor times. William is on a quest to find a wife for King Henry VIII of England. Jane Seymour has died and Henry wants a 4th wife! Some of the best parts of the show were at the beginning of the play, when the French actress was speaking complicated French and the male actor kept on shouting from behind the set, telling her to slow right down. When William got into the castle, Catherine tried to hit him out of the window with a broom! There were many more funny things, but I don't want to give them away. I would love to see more shows like it.