Since its foundation in 1352, St George’s has been a Choir School and home to boy choristers who sing in the choir of St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. This musical tradition is as vibrant and important today as it ever was and the choristers, although only small in number in our school community, fulfil a vital role in the daily life of the school and the college.

Up to 23 choristers, some of whom may already be pupils at the school, are normally appointed between the ages of 7 and 9 after an audition.  In addition to the excellent musical grounding that they receive from the Chapel Director of Music, the Assistant Director of Music and Organ Scholar, they receive regular singing lessons with the renowned teacher, Anita Morrison.  Within the School, choristers also take music theory lessons and learn to play at least two instruments.

The choristers live in the School’s boarding house from Sunday morning to Friday evening, rehearsing every morning and singing in services on most days as well as on special occasions such as Garter Day.

A choristership is an intense but a rewarding and enjoyable experience which gives the boys confidence, poise and the ability to work in a team.

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