Destination Schools

A number of our pupils win awards to their next school and all these are celebrated.  We take pride in the fact that pupils gain entry to their school of choice and we work closely with families to achieve this.  

Year 8 leavers' destinations 2016

Year 8 leavers' destinations 2015

Bradfield College (1)

Bradfield College (7)

Brighton College (1)

Claire's Court (1)

Eton (1)

Eton College (2)

Hurst Lodge (1)

Hampton (3)

Lancing College (1)

Harrow (1)

Langley Grammar (1)

Holyport College (2)

LVS Ascot (1)

Kings School Canterbury (1)

St George's Weybridge (2)

Marlborough College (1)


St George's Weybridge (1)


Stowe (1)


Wellington College (1)


Westminster (1)


Scholarships and awards 2016

Music Exhibition

Lancing College


Scholarships and awards 2015

Major Music Scholarship


Academic Scholarship


Major Music Scholarship

Marlborough College

Geography subject CE prize 


Academic Exhibition King’s School, Canterbury